Janry Jiang|蔣華健

Mr. Janry Jiang, the founder of Ben Zhe Architecture and Chief Creative Officer,
graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts. He has been engaged in design since 2002 and
had more than 15 years of design experience in architectural and interior design.He ever
participated in many domestic well-known architecture exhibitions and won a number of awards. In 2006, he
founded Favour China Design Institute, and began to draw extensive attention from industry and
media. His works were also competed to be published by various types
of media and domestic professional design magazines.

The works of Mr. Jiang always directly hit the innermost being of people and are
thought-provoking. In his architectural view, environment, society and architecture itself exist inseparable
interaction. He ever raised the design concept of “Space Imaginer”. In architectural practice, he emphasized the
essential meaning of space and constantly pursued and explored how to integrate international
view and humanistic significance of architecture into works and give
architecture and space more possibilities and vitality.

In 2016, Mr. Jiang integrates Favour China again and makes a
fresh start by the name of Ben Zhe Architecture in the hope of leading a picked team to
explore and convey deeper architecture spirit.


Jesson Zhao|趙桂軍

Jesson Zhao graduated from Stage Arts Department, Jiangsu Academy of Drama. He has been engaged in
decoration design since 2004 and had more than ten years of decoration design experience.

The works of Mr. Zhao are always exquisite to the bottom of our heart. He can
always sight the style with the most objective state of mind. Expert in harmonious collocation of color,
cloth, lighting, etc., he ever took part in many domestic famous interior design projects, such as Mark Fairwhale,
the sample room of Shanghai Ruihong Real Estate, Hubao Junwangfu Villa, Sales Office of Ningbo
Zhanyuan Real Estate, etc. In 2010, Mr. Zhao set up Junyi Decoration under Favour China. He
always thinks that a good designer should consider design as an insight of being
good at catching the nature of things rather than a skill.

Therefore, in 2016 Mr. Zhao and Mr. Janry Jiang founded Ben Zhe Architecture
together in the hope of integrating changeable and movable elements into architecture design, increasing the
fun and comfort of architecture as punchline, and decorating the space to be more complete.