Favourorg 泛文中國
Project Nature: Office   性質:辦公
Project Address : Shanghai   項目地址:上海
Building Area : 220㎡   面積:220㎡

    Favour China is the operator of a creative ecospace, and is located at the Auxiliary Building
    of the Second Floor, Ferry Space, Huangpu River, Shanghai.Through two months of careful consideration,
    Ben Zhe team decides to apply simple materials and create this office into a Xanadu. The design style of the entire
    office continues the industrial atmosphere of ferry, and in the meantime enhances wood elements
    to make the space appear softer.

    The office is divided into four parts. In addition to the design world for staff, the office also has resting
    and reading area, teahouse for receiving guests, and open-air viewing platform. The left of the stairs that connect
    auxiliary building is open-air viewing platform. Brick-shaped flagstone and white pebble cover the
    entire platform, and let people cannot help thinking of bright sunshine and hot beach.

    It is really a sensual pleasure to walk on to have a rest when you are tired from work. Walk
    down stairs, and you arrive at the front desk of the main entranceof office. Different from noisy and heavy
    feeling of traditional office, the whole wall is decorated by white iron tubes and looks clean and light.The wall and
    green plants which are randomly placed enable impetuous heart to precipitate own
    immediately and make people feel relaxed and have no sense of pressure.Come up from the wooden
    stairs on a side of front desk,you arrive at the exclusive office of the founder of Favour China. Pure white ceiling
    encounters plain wooden elements and matches entire transparent glass curtain to create
    a kind of comfortable transparent and bright feeling.

    The side corridor of office under the curtain of night retains original red brick
    wall and wooden floor, and the old building is given a new life. The slender corridor gives people an
    impression of a winding path that leads to a secluded retreat. The pure wooden construction likes nature itself and helps
    people burst out more creative inspirations after precipitating mind.