Bombardier Flagship Store 龐巴迪旗艦店
Project Nature: Commerce+Display+Office   性質:商業+展示+辦公
Project Address : Nanjing   項目地址:南京
Building Area : 680㎡   面積:680㎡

    The original form of the flagship store is a three-tier old-fashioned building.
    In order to get rid of unnecessary elements, designers almost remove all original construction in
    renovation and only retain main load carrying structure.

    After renovation, the overall height of the building is raised.
    The building is just like a standing box seen from distance, and the visual impact and fun
    are thus increased. Longitudinal strips of steel plate matches misty punching plate and solid cement board.
    It looks simple and explicit. Moreover, the original restrictions and fetters of the building are broken,
    and the special sense of reality of the space enhances the cubic effect of the building.

    The first floor and the second floor are the exhibition halls of Bombardier products. Considering
    the display products inside, designers choose to combine fair-faced concrete with rough timber in the use of building
    materials. This kind of coarse and chilly heavy industry style echoes the heavy breath of tricycle, like the
    wild flavor of tiger and leopard. Cooperation with the effect of the spotlight casted from the metal
    piping of the top, the texture of tricycle is embodied incisively and vividly.

    The third floor is office area, and the design attaches more importance to the flexibility,
    interaction and openness of the space. Dark wood partitions offices and makes office atmosphere more
    steady and professional. Bright French window not only increases the transparency and permeability
    of rooms but also closes the distance among offices.

    It is an outdoor platform leading to the top fourth floor from the third floor.
    Here we can enjoy the sight of green plants, overlook the layers of buildings and passing subways
    from time to time in the distance. It is really a good place to relax body and mind.