Ferry Space 渡口空間
Project Nature: Office+Commerce   性質:辦公+商業
Project Address : Shanghai   項目地址:上海
Building Area : 3800㎡   面積:3800㎡

    Ferry Space stands on Huangpu River and is close to Lujiabang Road Ferry in Shanghai.

    At the earliest here was an old villa. After referring a lot of past history of this old
    villa, the designer applies many natural and artless materials in reconstruction. Concrete is the leading
    material and tone of the whole space. Inornate fair-faced concrete and antique finish metal structure create a kind
    of strong atmosphere of industrial port. The atmosphere works in concert with Lujiabang Road
    Ferry. Soft log structure balances the cold and cheerless feeling of industry and
    sketches the contours of the warmth of home.

    Office areas were divided but ingeniously harmonized by transparent glass and soft lighting.
    The designer makes use of the building itself and interior space to create a cozy space that proceeds from
    the one to the other and is compatible with each other in a world of reinforced cement,
    and makes the division of office spaces more flexible.

    Therefrom the designer hopes that the exchange among people
    could be more amiable and convenient, just like the once booming Lujiabang Road Ferry.