Heanwe Concept Showroom 樣衣展示廳
Project Nature: Display   性質:展示
Project Address : Zhejiang   項目地址:浙江
Building Area : 750㎡   面積:750㎡

    In 2013, Favourorg received a commission to redesign a warehouse space into a Brand
    Concept Showroom for HEANWE, a clothing label specializing in high-end leather apparel for men and women.

    Originally a storage warehouse for leather materials, the newly designed HEANWE Showroom
    is comprised of three separate Men’s Fashion sections, including Formal, Leisure, and Business apparel. Each section
    also contains fully-serviced VIP areas where business meetings can be conducted. The layout design of
    the HEANWE Showroom is meant to emphasize an emboldening sense of expansive space.

    The partitions and perimeter of the HEANWE Showroom combine to form an asymmetric pentagonal
    shape. The pentagonal structure, along with the ceiling and interspersed closet units, forms an organic whole that
    minimalizes the sense of clutter throughout the entirety of the space.

    In an adjacent is a standalone section dedicated to Men’s Formal Wear, steel
    pipe clothing hangers protruding from a painted wall offer a chic dynamic contrast. Meanwhile,
    a triangular shape is employed for the Men’s Leisure Wear section, where bulky interlocking elements dominate to
    display a noble and elegant affect.And finally, for the Men’s Business Wear section, extensive skewed rose
    gold metal bars serve as wall hangers, while asymmetric closet units surround the perimeter.
    In a central display in the middle of the space, a hanging metal bar rose gold structure outlines the
    shape of a pyramid and serves as a hanging apparatus for apparel. The shape contrasts the travertine limestone walls,
    which are slightly recessed to resemble the individuals stone units of pyramids in Egypt. All of which together
    gives a sense of formal business proceedings, while maintaining a haute couture veneer.

    In regards to materials, the design utilizes sustainable and renewable resources,
    giving the entire space a brightly organic atmosphere. The closets and hangers surrounding the HEANWE Showroom
    are built to include ergonomic design, which blends together with pop fashion elements.

    With lighting, wooden logs, unadorned cement, travertine and other
    sustainable-minded materials, a balanced contrast is maintained between soft and rigid elements,
    as well as shadows and light, throughout the HEANWE Showroom.The overall aura of the space inspires a sense of
    energy and unlimited possibility and strength.