Heanwe Leather Showroom 皮衣展示生活館
Project Nature: Office+Display   性質:辦公+展示
Project Address : Zhejiang   項目地址:浙江
Building Area : 480㎡   面積:480㎡

    Hannover is a mature brand company that hammers away at producing
    high-end men and women leather clothing. This living hall is originally a roughcast house for rent and
    is planned to renovate to leather clothing exhibition living hall.

    The whole space is planned to cover window display area, display hall, leisure area,
    water bar, and men and women leather clothing exhibition area. The two sides of the entrance of living hall
    adopt large-scale glass curtain, and transparent lighting is used to enhance people’s visual focus.

    Curved metal steel-tube framework intersperses on large-scale clear water wooden finishes,
    forms a virtual and realistic alternation with ceramsite steel wire gauze, and sharply contrasts with leather products.
    Intelligent curved line combines unique show props to present a high-profile science and technology modern feeling,
    and conceal a bit of low-profile retro charm, and impart infinite vitality to the space.The special light effect
    that hits leather products along curved line better reflects the quality of leather clothing.

    Designer emphasizes environmental problems very much when selecting the construction
    materials of living hall. Lots of new eco-friendly materials are employed to represent a smart space with vitality
    and bring strong visual enjoyment to people who come for visit or purchase.