Vskonne Office 威斯康尼
Project Nature: Office   性質:辦公
Project Address : Shanghai   項目地址:上海
Building Area : 850㎡   面積:850㎡

    VSKONNE is a high-end mature brand company that concentrates on men’s casual clothing.

    The original interior space of the company has been designed and completed many
    years ago, and only the whole fourth floor is vacant. The total building area of the fourth floor is 850㎡, and the entire
    space is divided into reception leisure area, VIP reception center, main conference center, training institution,
    and four small conference rooms of different sizes.

    Through the integration of winding hallway and virtual and realistic interlude of various
    extended spaces, designer gives corridor floor more sense of layering and enriches vertical space; the design
    of VIP reception center keeps quiet in dynamic environment, and makes use of conical shape, hyperbolical curve,
    and curved sliding door built-in soft pack to create an atmosphere of different feeling and break
    the depressing feeling of space. Warm lighting enhances the warmth of
    reception and acrylic lamp house adds a modern breath.

    “Fashion has no boundary, and detail has no frontier”
    The space creation of the whole floor is just like the brand slogan of VSKONNE.
    Not only details reflect vitality but also materials select lots of eco-friendly building timbers. Bold primary
    color tone geometry block thoroughly mobilizes space dynamic and makes it closely
    follow brand trend and appear younger.