SINCERE Hotel 摯舍·南禪觀水
Project Nature:Designer Hotel   性質:設計師酒店
Project Address : NO.135,Nanxiatang Street, Wuxi City, China   項目地址:中國無錫南下塘街135號
Building Area : 1280㎡   面積:1280㎡

    This project is located at the foot of Nanchan Temple in Wuxi, among a cluster of civilian houses near Qingming Bridge at the bank of an ancient canal; 

    hence the name “Sincere Hotel ,Wuxi”. 

    With the changes of times and the renewal of city, 

    Benzhe deconstructs the new meaning of guesthouse architecture while inheriting the essence of historical and cultural heritage.

    Originating from history and returning to nature, Sincere Hotel,Wuxi,

    creates a realm of harmony and mutual understanding between architecture,mankind and nature.