Project Nature:Culture Architecture, commercial multi-functional area    性質:文化建筑、集合空间
Project Location: 535 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China (EKA-Tianwu)   项目地点:中国上海市浦东新区金桥路535号(EKA·天物)
Floor space: 1260m²    建筑面积:1260m²

    BANCANG retains the original form of the building and simplifies the appearance. The original south-facing wall is removed and replaced by a glass metal grille, allowing the interior space to be free and open. The east-facing side is the main facade and it faces the open landscape pool. A sixteen-metre long dormer window was cantilevered and angled out of the left main elevation of the second floor, which breaks the balance of the building. The original windows on the ground floor are replaced by four block grille doors, which can be opened to both sides, and blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor. The right side of the main facade is covered with a large piece of carbonized wood, with hidden doors and windows, showing a variety of forms and facilitating the owner's subsequent functional composite and use.