Building in the Cracks 夹缝中的建筑
Project Nature:Tea room, leisure and entertainment, commercial space    性质:茶室 休闲娱乐 商业空间
Location: 18 Jinhai Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China   项目地点:中国上海市浦东新区金海路18号
Building area: 19.5m²    建筑面积:19.5m²

    The balcony is located at the back of building 5, on the north-east side. There is sunshine for 2 hours in the morning, and for the rest of the day the sunshine is blocked by the surrounding buildings. It is in the middle of the building, with a hostile environment outside. My friends wanted to create a characteristic sunroom with privacy.

    How to crack the above unfavorable situation, we put forward the principle of’no making,no breaking’, and go with the trend.

    Firstly, the functional arrangement was spread along the trapezoidal zone of the area. A landscape platform was set up on the north-facing side to connect the indoor and outdoor areas. The south-west side is a relaxing tea-tasting area and the triangular area on the south-east is a patio space.